A Trance...

The night is young
Full of life and energy
Magical and mysterious
Calling out to me

I cannot resist…

A little red thing
Soft and sensual
Hugging and loving
Flattering my vanity

I cannot resist…

The clinking of glasses
Cozy corners
Beautiful whispers
Need for adventure

I cannot resist…

The world is swirling
Lights come and go
Music in me
The rhythm is taking over

I cannot resist…

Emotions on the roll
Madly happy
Truly sad
The need to say it all
I cannot resist…

Burning lips
Parched insides
Seeping oblivion
Blissful darkness

I cannot resist...
Come morning it’s just a memory
A sleepy memory
Just a part of history
A smile on my lips
A song in my heart
With yet another mystery solved
I go on…on with life


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