Hide and Seek

I have been playing hide and seek with my destiny.
I am curious yet apprehensive.
I run a little only to look back and see if she is close behind.
I run a little more and turn back yet again
I see her smiling and following every time.

So it went the saga of my destiny and me
Day after Day
Week after Week
Year after Year
Each look bringing her closer than before

Now she is almost there and I am tired of running.
I am tired of eluding the inevitable.
I want the strength to accept.
I want to let her take me with her
Down the mysterious and unknown lanes of tomorrow,
A tomorrow which scares and excites me at the same time.

Let’s unfold the story together…
Let’s waltz through the time…
Let’s dance
A dance that will make me one with you
Just take me …take me with you.


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