Forever is an illusion-2

The road is covered with maple leaves. There are various shades of yellow, brown and orange. Come winter all this color will be replaced by a sheet of white. She wanted to desperately hold on to that entire splendor. So she picked up one orange leaf and slipped it between the pages of her diary.

For years she did not give up that leaf. On gloomy days she would just look at it and derive some sense of belonging and peace. It was a hold to her past which she did not want to let go. The memories related to it were still alive and dancing in her mind.

Then one day as she was walking down the same road covered with maple leaves, madly happy with the faint light of new beginnings in her life she happened to look at the maple leaf hidden between the pages of her diary and saw that dried maple leaf for what it was-an old, dead and decaying leaf. Torn at most places, it was hardly even a leaf…she saw no beauty in it that day and wondered why she had held on it for so long. That day she took it out, crushed what remained of it with her hands, dropped it on the ground and moved on.

A few seconds later she could not resist picking up another crimson colored leaf.


Debaditya said...

living life is more than everything else.That remains true for ever.......
Though yet to realize this:-)

kartyc said...

hey nice one...i wonder how do you find time to be so creative!
plus at unearthly hours on top of it! :)

fullmoononearth said...

This is all life is all about. Try as you may, some times you need to crush old memories and hold on to new ones to as you've said, move on.

kartyc said...

2 days and no posts?, people are starting to have withdrawal symptoms!...chief..we need to some strong stuff now! :)

Raaga said...

I wish I'm able to learn some of what you seem to have mastered!

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