Forever is an illusion-1

The twilight is guiding me down the brow beaten path. Tiny forgetmenots on either side of the road cheer me on. I stop to admire them and cannot help but pluck one and admire it for its color and delicate beauty. I think it is the perfection I seek, but soon it wilts and I move on. I grieve but move on.

Some pluck the next flower down the same path thinking that someday they will find love that will never fade, some refuse to look around as it hurts too much and some live with the withered flower saved in the leaves of their lives.

Phantoms still haunt me at times. My faith is suspect at those times. The air around me becomes heavy with melancholy and a tiny droplet slips downwards but I go on…Because Living Life is worth all the pain and indifference, struggle and torment.


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