Infy campus in making

Back in Bangalore the campus is like a woman of 33.Very comfortable with herself as she knows what she is all about. The insecurities of the 20's are behind her and her charm has matured with time. The shrill girlish giggles have turned to a slow and sensuous all knowing smile which vacillates between amusement and unadulterated kindness even love.

But Infy campus in making is a sight to see. There is some marked change everyday.

Right now she is a like a 7 year old. Full of questions and wonder. She laughs in glee and claps her hands as more and more employees pour in. From 300 to 1300 in 3 months. Her laughter is infectious .All those who came to Mcity sour faced about being deprived of other campuses like Bangalore, Mysore are now seen with a tiny smile which is nevertheless growing by the minute to a beautiful toothy grin. The feeling of belonging is on the raise and there is a hidden sense of pride in being a part of a brand new campus. The one which is going to hold 25,000 in the years to come. The biggest ever. The best ever.
Three cheers to that. Happy


Debaditya said...

Just could not believe it...
what ever it always feels good to be part of a nascent and rapidly growing campus.....

fullmoononearth said...

I cannot imagine how happy NRN n his friends might be feeling seeing their children grow. Each DC is like a child of theirs growing better each year.

Whizkid said...

Ohhh...U with Infy?? nice to know tat ! I used to work wid Infy :)

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