I hate it when people move from being warm and sunny to cold and indifferent (vice versa included) , in their dealings with me (for reasons unknown to me) ,when it suits them. Raise The Roof 2 I perceive these people as fickle minded and extremely moody types. They are the worst sort of people you can associate with. Not knowing them is so much better than to never know why suddenly out the blue things have changed for the better or worse between us.
God save me from such sorts


fullmoononearth said...

Mood-swings is very much human. Especially with girls. These days I find even I behave wierdly. Got to get a hold on myself.

Caffeinism said...

Well I feel that one must at least tell your friends the you would like to be left alone...and stop them from feeling bad that it was something that they did to put you off.(if it is not them that has put you in a bad mood)

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