We need Politics of Progress

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam says that

Politics = Political Politics+Developmental Politics

By this he wanted to convey to the fellow politicians that 30% of your time should be devoted to political politics, the rest to developmental politics.

It is this one statement that caught my eye this morning. India is now seen as an emerging power center for manufactures and is already seen as the king of IT services. We hear about FII’s crossing billion dollar thresholds and the stock markets are on an all time high. We have Sania’s and Kartikeyans to applaud about but (rhetorically stated by BJP Government). Is, “India Shining”?
No I would say not yet. We have come a long way and yet another year is behind us where India has definitely made her mark in various arenas.
But even today there is a 260 Million Population below the poverty line which needs to be attended. The Tsunami’s and Earthquakes have done their damage thus scaling up the effort required to undo this and continue on the path towards a better tomorrow.
Politicians have to start thinking more in terms of development than try and settle old scores with rivals.Nitish Kumar for example has a huge task in front of him- To undo 15 years of Lalu Raj. If he does this in his tenure then it can be taken as an example of how India can set right the misgivings of the past and move forward on a positive note.

Dr.Kalam’s message to each one of this New Year is very inspiring.

Have courage to think different, to invent, to discover, to combat problems and succeed.


Santhosh said...

"Have courage to think different, to invent, to discover, to combat problems and succeed"

You cant expect politicians to invlove in Developmental Politics when half of them dont know what is 'development'...

Have you ever thought of getting into politics? What would it take to leave your 9to5 job and try developmental politics?

-- Santa

Caffeinism said...

Hope lives. What is wrong with expecting the leaders you elect to do something constructive? Remember these are the leaders you and me have elected.
Thanks for stopping by.

IdeaSmith said...

Thank you for the reminder. Guess we needed to hear it again, especially after the year 2005 has been.

Thank you also, for dropping in and for linking me.

Caffeinism said...

Sure no problem...

Debaditya said...

I totally agree with santa...
Our prez can hope for that not we..
i dont know bout u but very few of us has a role in selecting..

fullmoononearth said...

If we do not believe in ourselves then whom do we. I guess we should be the ones to start working on developmet. Then expect from the others.

Caffeinism said...

@ Deb-I am not clear about what you wanted to say. What does "Our prez can hope for that not we.." Please be clear in future
@ Deb and fullmoononearth - As a citizen it is your duty vote. By doing this we choose the persons who can make a difference. We make and choose our destinies and the first step towards development politics is to make sure we vote for the right kind of leaders.

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