National Institute of Design

Down South in Chennai most people are not even aware of NID and it really puts me off in the worst sort of way. When I tell them my sister is at NID they ask me “fashion” Why is that certain kind of awareness so lacking around here. Design does not have to be about clothes all the time. Every aspect of our lives is closely related to design. Starting from the alarm clock that wakes you up to the frying pan where you make your yummy meals. Everything has been designed by some one. Design is not for Girls who don’t manage to get spectacular marks in their boards or who don’t want to do anything taxing in life.(Just want to get married as soon as possible types) It’s for people who really have an inclination and aptitude for design. It’s for people who believe in themselves and can work independently towards achieving their goals. A recent article in BW about the emerging Design firms gives an insight to this world.

Read more here

Tomorrow's Designers

BW & NID Design excellence awards

May be some day I will open a Design Firm with my sister.
Signing off on that ambitions note


Caffeinism said...

That was a good link:-).Thanks for stopping by.

Abhi! said...

ok! quick question!
are u a pass - out of NID?? Isn't this in Delhi??

Caffeinism said...

No I am not and google is the answer your question.:-))

Neeti said...

I know im seeng this post really late, but gee! thanks. i felt good reading it. this is exactly how i feel when i have to explain to tamil mami's about what im studying.
The worst part is when they say "Isnt there any place in chennai that u got in for this course???"
Maybe when the next coolest car or mobile phone or something has my tag on it, they will scratch their temples.

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