Have you lost something?

The following is one of the incidents happened in life of Plato, one of the greatest Philosophers of the past 2500 years, who lived between 427 BC to 347 BC, in Athens, Greece Have patience to read till the end. One day, Plato asked his teacher, "What is love? How can I find it?"His teacher answered, "There is a vast wheat field in front. Walk forward without turning back, and pick only one stalk. If you find the most magnificent stalk, then you have found love." Plato walked forward, and before long, he returned with empty hands, having picked nothing. His teacher asked, "Why did you not pick any stalk?" Plato answered, "Because I could only pick once, and yet I could not turn back. I did find the most magnificent stalk, but did not know if there were any better ones ahead, so I did not pick it. As I walked further, the stalks that I saw were not as good as the earlier one, so I did not pick any in the end." His teacher then said, "And that is love." On another day, Plato asked his teacher, "What is marriage? How can I find it?" His teacher answered, "There is a thriving forest in front. Walk forward without turning back, and chop down only one tree. If you find the tallest tree, then you have found marriage". Plato walked forward, and before long, he returned with a tree. The tree was not thriving, and it was not tall either. It was only an ordinary tree.His teacher asked, "Why did you chop down such an ordinary tree?" Plato answered, "Because of my previous experience. I had walked through the field, but returned with empty hands. This time, I saw this tree, and I felt that it was not bad, so I chopped it down and brought it back. I did not want to miss the opportunity." His teacher then said, "And that is marriage. You see son Love is the most beautiful thing to happen to a person, its an opportunity but you don't realize its worth when you have it but only when its gone like the field of talks. Marriage is like the tree you chopped, it's a compromise.

So true ,Marriage is a compromise we all make at some point of time in life. It is because man is a social animal and cannot exist in isolation. He needs people around him all the time. Needs their help to over come emotional as well physical obstacles in life. He requires someone who will be there at times of need, who will lend unquestionable support to him and gives him a purpose to live. In truth even as we pursue our dreams and ambitions somewhere deep inside we know that what we do is not for ourselves alone.
Therefore when young couples think of breaking up on account of pursuing their respective careers and in order to utilize their time in a better manner, I feel they are giving up the opportunity to find love. When the initial glamour and glitter of their jobs fade away, the fatigue of running around in search of better careers, better money and life creeps up on them bringing them face to face with the realization that they might have missed something in life. Now they want a family of their own to give their hard work more significance. But the love they lost years back remains lost forever and so they end up compromising(read marriage) Of course that does not mean that they don't find love in these relationships but its just that they will never know what they lost in processes of finding a "better life".


fullmoononearth said...

How true. Yet we run around for trivial materialistic things, almost all through our lives, till we near our end. And as we realise we are going to die in near future do we realise what a waste of time it was, for all these years

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