Tomorrow will be (most likely) my last day at Infosys Bangalore DC.In all the stay has been a good change and I have met different people here, each unique in their own way.
Have made some good friends. Some not so good.

Ok time for some Confessions.

I like Bangalore more than Chennai.Loved the stay here at least most of it.(I have to ignore my PG morn fight for bathroom!!)
Loved radio city and Darius.
Loved the crowds and how one can get lost in them if you want.
Loved the climate.
Loved the campus.

Then why am I leaving??
Sometimes inorder to realize some long term ambitions small sacrifices have to be made in the present.
I am doing something of this sort now.

There was a time when I used to relentlessly complain and crib about the lack of change or anything out of the ordinary in my life.In some ways that thing had changed in the last three months and I think the next year will be very busy and buzzing with activity.
Signing of on that optimistic note


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