What can be worse than mad rain,messy roads and slow traffic?

Do you think I have described the worst situation ever. Well think again. I for once can actually put up with the slow traffic on water logged hosur raod and I kind of enjoy the rain also but what I hate about the last few days is the "Wait".
The uncertainty which I am feeling right now is never racking and painful. Yes more painful than the traffic at silk board.

As the wait contiues I will sign off for now.


Debaditya said...

As people say investments are not risky it is ur choice that makes it...we r naturally in such a hurry and so much plans and expectations for the future we r literally living in future which gives us the feeling of WAIT...and i am worst hit by this state of mind...

for me the traffic was bit relaxing ( not physically)...i got some time to ponder over things which i might not do in a normal routine...

Suresh Thiagarajan said...

dont worry!!! within a couple of days u r in chennai... hopefully it shouldnt rain as it is now! :-)

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